Self-Care Workshops

Making change is always easier in community...

I can facilitate taylor-made workshops for:


High School organizations

College student organizations and departments

Companies & Public Institutions such as:

  • Government organizations

  • Non-profits

  • Corporate

  • Private sector

Some Example Workshops Topics:


Self-Care 101

  • For those at the beginning of their self-care journey & skeptics of the term self-care; sets a foundation for self compassion and tips and tricks to be excellent about caring for yourself (especially in a Covid-19 world).


Creating a culture and environment of community care

  • For organizations trying to find realistic self-care norms that can be supported and reinforced by their work place environment and colleagues in an authentic way. 


Preventing burnout and sustaining stamina serving the suffering: self-care as non-negotiable & necessary

  • Especially for those organizations who do front line service work, and experience vicarious trauma serving impacted communities.