Individual Consulting

Everyone needs help being their best selves. There is only so much we can do alone.

Aspects of life that I can help you with:



Even though college is a place where we can expand our minds, the levels of stress that one must undertake in order to complete one's studies is oppressive. This is even more so if one is a student of color, a womxn, working class, disabled and/or navigating other oppressed identities. Becoming a client of mine, we can work together to raise your resiliency levels so you can get your degree with your humanity intact.



If you happen to be navigating and working within a toxic, workaholic space, and not being supported (or even emotionally, spiritually and mentally harmed) by your colleagues day in an day out, this wears on the soul and body. If you are someone just transitioning to the “professional world” post high school or college or an organizer looking for more sustainable ways to do anti-oppression work, or someone trying to manifest dreams of working for themselves, I can help you with my self-care tactics and techniques that can help orient you to discovering what you need and actions you can take to live your best life doing what you love.

Other aspects of self-care I can help with: 

  • Self Love

  • Addressing Loneliness & healthy relationships

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • People Pleasing / Co-Dependency

  • Achieving Personal & Professional  Goals

  • Effective Communication

  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries