Consulting Rates

Help me Help you by making sure that my consulting is sustainable for me as under-resourced Black woman in this world. :)

Individual Consulting (for Students)

$35.00-50.00 (sliding scale per 50 minute session

Individual Consulting (non-student)


BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color):


$50.00-100.00 (sliding scale) per 50 minute session

White-identifying folks (and high income / wealthy Non-Black POC):

$85.00-135.00(+)(sliding scale) per 50 minute session

Self-Care workshops for groups and organizations***

Large Organizations (Government, Corporations, large businesses): $2000.00-2500.00 (+)

Medium Sized Organizations (bigger non-profits, universities, etc): $1000.00-1500.00 (+)


Small Organizations

non-profits, businesses, groups: $600.00-850.00(+)

***rates will vary depending on type of workshop requests